Propaganda Poster-Brianna Pearch

propaganda dr_carrot.originalThe original image is a propaganda poster from WW2. Dr. Carrot encouraged everyone to eat more carrots in hopes that their vision would improve during blackouts. This poster took pressure off of other food supplies and hid the fact that pilot’s night time success was really due to their secret airborne version of radar (and not by eating tons of high carotene carrots).

My poster is a take off of Dr. Carrot. It is Dr. Carrot’s image, but in a slightly more sinister way. Rather than holding a bag of Vitamin A, this buff carrot is holding a bag of GMO and tiptoeing over hazardous signs in toxins waste. Carrots are no longer safe to eat. The slogan “farmer’s worst nightmare” comes from the fact that GMO creates sterile crops, so farmers have to buy new seeds every year. gmcarrot

I used the analogous color system of yellow, orange and red. The background and toxic waste is yellow plus black. It made this gross, toxic color that was perfect for my background. The color of the jacket was a happy surprise. I first mixed black and red to get the deep sections of the jacket. I mixed white into it expecting a pink, but low and behold I got purple! I like the light purple much better than pink, so the color stuck. I outlined G.M. Carrot in sharpie to give him more clarity and cartoon-like definition. All in all, I think my poster was effective.

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